Stainless Steel

ENOU CORPORATION was founded in 1977 and has been dedicate to Taiwanese industry for nearly four decades. Starting out in the business of garden barbeque equipment, ENOU has developed into “investment casting” and “hardware accessory” industries. ENOU’s mission is to provide clients with products of high quality and competitiveness. With Europe as our main market, we are also preparing for sales in the Americas and Japan.

ENOU is a paragon of integrity. We have developed collaborative relations with clients, and by offering high quality, timely delivery, and competitive pricing, we offer our client “security.
” Our dedicated support and after-sales services have won the trust of our clients and allow us to become long-term partners.Our company is founded upon the principles of initiative, innovation, mutual benefits, and quality. In recent years, people in European countries have been increasingly aware of environmental and food safety issues, and their governments have been implementing safety standards including RoHS, REACH, and LFGB. ENOU has always been actively engaged in developing new materials and production processes that conform to international standards and ensure the safety and salability of our products for clients and end users.

ENOU headquarters in Taipei City. We are committed to becoming a client-centered, marketing-oriented company that is based on specialized technologies and perfectionist integration capabilities, providing clients with a trusted platform that supports them in the industry and creates a win-win situation.

Product Item

In the early days, it was a large-scale barbecue appliance, the type of upright oven used outdoors in foreign countries. In recent years, more attention has been paid to barbecue-related accessories and customized hardware spare parts products.